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It's all gone

Heather Ashley Chase

I’m not the table you can come and lay your cup down on, now
I’m not the shoulder for a bag. The one that carried a heavy load
I’m not the road that you take when you looking for a short cut, uh
I ain’t the stepping stone to be stepping on
I ain’t nobodies crutch
I ain’t the money man, with your money, man
You ain’t looking at me
I’m not the cheap one, looking at me son
You ain’t looking at free
I ain’t the dish rag to come clean up all the shit that you dish out
Ain’t got no check for em'
If you checking in, mothafucka, check this out

I’m not the the trash can. Not the last girl at the finish line
I’m not the new kid on the block that you can just follow and push around

I’m not the fucking needle in the hay stack that you finally found
This ain’t no free rent
Come to pitch your tent, 
you ain’t tying me down

I’m not a bus ride you can hop inside and just roll away clean
Cause I hold up the weight for the team

I’m not the gold watch
And the new truck that your scheming to cash out
Unless your looking to check out
I jump to the sky for my people
I walk through the fire. I give love when it’s equal

Don’t tell me not to complain about my money and fame
When you come around me telling me I’ve changed
Damn, right I’ve fucking changed
When there’s fucking change in my pocket hit the bucket
It was a rocking all a sudden
I went from shopping without nothing
To going shopping for my cousins
Now that the kin know that I’m buzzing,
They wanna drop me in the oven
Pull me over just to say “I’m a fan"
Ain’t much I can do but I do what I can
But I’m not a fool there’s no need to pretend
And just because you got yourself in some shit
It doesn’t mean I have to come deal with it
You handle your own when you become a man
And become a man when you handle your own
Ain’t much I can do, but I do what I can
But what can I do if I do till it’s gone?

What can I do if I do till it’s gone?


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