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Toxic Detox? : How to throw your money into the ocean.

There may well be things in our system that would be better off not in our system. 

Alcohol immediately springs to mind

But here’s the thing: millions of years of evolution have given us a liver and a pair of kidneys which, between them, do a remarkably good job of ridding the body of anything that shouldn’t be in it.

There is no scientific evidence whatsoever that any “detox” product will provide even the slightest improvement on your liver and kidneys.

Yes, you read my thoughts about that correctly. 

If someone tries to sell you a detox product, perhaps you could ask which specific toxins it helps to remove. I have never seen that specified, but surely that is the first step to being able to show whether it works or not.

And then, in the unlikely event that this snake-oil detox salesman does tell you which toxin(s) the product is supposed to remove, ask for the evidence that it does. I guarantee you that you will not get a sensible answer.

So if you decide that you want to “detox” yourse…

Les cheveux roses ne se soucient pas

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