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The Right Stuff

Excited to announce:

Season 1 of The Right Stuff based on Tom Wolfe's 1979 novel has completed the shoot schedule.

Please stay tuned for more details. The show is set to premiere on National Geographic in Fall 2020.  


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Tout cela aurait pu être le vôtre

I had a cure, for your disease
but you threw it away
and you made it clear I was not welcome on these seas
and you threw it away

so I sailed and I sailed for so long
my hair grew long and my heart grew cold
I face certain death without you near

and I felt the storm and swam until the skies were clear
and I found a home along this crooked road

and all of this would have been
all of this could have been yours

all of this should have been
all of this could have been yours

black clouds roll, right over red doors
as the waves were high
sooo was i
and the moon never looked so angry
as when your walls came crumbling down.

It was so beautiful
It was so peaceful

All the destruction, 
it was quiet

all of this would have been
all of this could have been yours

all that you love, will be carried away
oh all that you love, will be carried away

all of my pain, that you put on my name
all of my doubt, and all of my shame

all of my guilt, my denial and fear
all of my hatred and all of my tears

all of the time that I couldn't g…

Onion Rings

Low Carb Onion Rings

Pork rinds (original or flavored- your choice)
coconut oil
Seasoning (optional)

1. Take a few handfuls of pork rinds and either hand crush them in a bowl or bag, or put them in a blender (as I did), until it forms somewhat of powder. You can add any seasonings you'd like at this point. This will be the breading for your onion rings.

2. Cut a few "rings" from your onion

3. Whisk 1-2 eggs (just depends on how many onion rings you're doing) together in a bowl. Put your pork rind powder in a separate bowl, and gather your onion rings near. It's time to bread them!

4. One at a time-- dip the onions in the egg, then transfer to the pork rinds and cover completely, then lay on a plate.

5. Heat oil in a frying pan on medium high heat and then add your onion rings. Turning them a few times, fry until breading is crispy and golden brown. Lay on paper towels to cool a bit and soak up any extra grease. Done. Enjoy!