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Tough Love

I know how tough it is to take the leap.... It's like you intellectually KNOW you're capable of so much more.. ...

You DESERVE so much more, buuuuuuuut....something is holding you back 

Ready for this tough love moment: 

It's you, baby... it's you!

You are the only thing standing in your own way of where you're at and where you could be financiallyabundantly and confidently

You are the only one standing in you own way of having that soul-purposed aligned job, your dream relationship and the list goes on...

To be honest... like super honest, in California, I used to see a good Actor friend of mine, feel so overwhelmed and unequipped that he would paralyze himself from even beginning, or he would begin and then legit quit as soon as he hit a roadblock.

The excuses would hit hard and he would convince himself that he couldn't have what everyone else had because of "xyz", just to protect his ego.

It dimmed his shine. It brought him further from his goals and it kept him small.

Do you sometimes feel like that too?

Love, It's time to stop focusing on all the reasons why you "can't" and say YES to all of the reasons that you CAN.


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