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Want to know what is sabotaging your success or results?

The fact you’re living on autopilot. 

You’re doing the same shit, different day. 

Psychologically you have trained your brain to think, feel and act one way....

OKAY, now It’s time to show up intentionally. It’s time to implement some habits that align to your goals. It’s time to get off autopilot and start living on purpose. 

Here are my pillars of rewiring your mindset:

  • Recognize your self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts. What is running through your mind? What are you feeling? How are those thoughts and actions serving you and your goals? Is this narrative true or do you have it on loop so often that you now believe it? 

  • Exercise. Yes, I’m going there. The benefits of movement go far and beyond fitting into your skinny jeans. If you can push through a challenging workout, you can push through difficult life challenges. Exercise gives you energy, stamina and strength. It produces chemicals and endorphins, that put you in a better mood and have you thinking clearly. It clears the fog if you’re in a “funk”. 

  • Journaling. Get those thoughts out of your mind. Brain dump the shit storm in your mind. Unscramble the incredible ideas you have going on. Your body holds onto stress and it can drain every ounce of your energy  causing that feeling of being overwhelmed. Thought provoking journal prompts can bring out clarity and ideas that bring on excitement and possibility. Journal about life goals, your vision, things you’re grateful for, affirmations and anything that comes to your beautiful mind. 

  • Create intentional habits that move you closer to your goals and the life you want to live. Get in the habit of scheduling your habits like an important appointment. Lay out your workout clothes, fill your water bottle and pack your lunch the night before. Set time aside each day to plug into your hobby, self care routine, schedule your work hours, when you walk the dog and anything that is a priority. If you don’t? You will find yourself anxious and upset that you didn’t get to it. Anything that’s a non-negotiable, schedule it. Be intentional with your day and habits. 

  • Set boundaries. If you want thriving relationships: set boundaries to prevent them from being toxic and frustrating. Who do you need to have a conversation with, when are you going to do it, what will you do if they respond negatively? 

  • Set your yearly goals and then chunk them into quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. Now create your daily action plan that you will show up and do the activities that move you closer to that big goal. This makes your goals seem more attainable because now, you have mini quotas to hit. Now, sign a contract with yourself and don’t you dare give up on the person you have set out to become. 

At the end of the day, what you’re doing is becoming more mindful. You’re designing your life instead of allowing it to pass you by.... You’re getting off autopilot and living with INTENTION. Boosting your confidence, self worth and ability to achieve anything you desire. 

If you are lost and need help - I’m here - I’m in your corner. I want to work with you! If you need a mindset mentor in your world, respond to this and let’s design your changes.



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